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Who is the Free Teen Guitar Class?

Its kids who want to learn to play guitar & they (or at least their parents) don’t want to be paying $50-75 a week for professional lessons. These are small group lessons for kids who want to learn to play the right way and to do it quick, not an endless series of boring lessons. These students want to learn and they are committed to practicing. The Instructor is Father Keith Acker, the pastor of Alpine Anglican Church, known to his students as Father Ironhand. He has been performing since High School and teaching since Graduate School. He has a master’s degree and has been a school teacher and headmaster.

What is the Free Teen Guitar Class?

The Lessons are free. We’ll give Beginners the textbook book (Mel Bay Modern Guitar Method Book 1), a nylon pick, and even lend you a guitar for those who need a loaner.  If you can help with the $7 for your textbook, we appreciate your helping keep the class free. For the Restart and Players we’ll provide the music for you.

What do I need?

You can have an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar (steel or nylon strings). The classes are geared to a wide variety of styles. If you’re playing electric you’ll need to bring your practice amp along so the Instructor can hear what you’re playing—and you too!

The Classes offered are usually a Beginner’s Class where you learn the notes on the guitar, music notation, and elementary skills; a Restart Class where you more or less know the notes, may have picked up a few chords, but find you need some lessons to really learn what you’re doing (you don’t need to read music for this class, but we’ll teach you tablature if you don’t read music); a Player’s Class for those who have learned the basic skills and are wanting to learn more advanced skills (it helps to read music or tablature); and a Theory Class which does require reading musical notation as we work from a textbook. The cool part about the Classes is you can take multiple classes and overlap them so it matches your level of playing.

Why are the classes free?

They are free because it is being offered as a public service by Alpine Anglican Church of the Blessed Trinity. Alpine Anglican Church arranges time for Father Acker to teach the classes, they provide materials including the professional sound equipment for the performances, and most of the opportunities to perform in and around Alpine & East County. Alpine Anglican cares about providing our teenagers activities which they enjoy and also give back to the community by performing.

Where does the FTGC meet & perform?

Classes usually held Tuesday afternoons at the Alpine Youth Center. We really appreciate having a nice place to practice and we encourage families to become supporting members of the AYC. Additionally, Jam Sessions are held at the homes of various students. We always encourage parents to stay and talk with other parents at the classes and events. There is a monthly performance scheduled on the 1st Sunday of each month thanks to Alpine Anglican Church. Additionally we perform at the Concerts in the Park, at the area parades during the summer, and various other location as the opportunity arises.

For more information on classes, call Father Acker at the Church office (619) 722-1772 or e-mail at

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The Free Teen Guitar Class is a community service by the Alpine Anglican Church of the Blessed Trinity: